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Step into the world of cinematic grandeur with our collection of feature films, where storytelling knows no bounds and emotions unfold…Read More

Uncover the power of reality through our thought-provoking documentaries, capturing real-life narratives that inspire, inform, and offer profound insights…Read More

Experience the art of concise storytelling with our TV commercials, where creativity converges with advertising to deliver impactful messages in mere seconds.

Dive into a realm of compact narratives and artistic innovation with our selection of short films, where every moment counts in crafting compelling stories.

Journey through the realm of imagination as animation, graphics, and VFX intertwine, bringing fantastical worlds and breathtaking visuals to life.

Capture the essence of time in a single frame through our still photography collection, where every click preserves a story, emotion, or beauty forever.

Join our global online contests celebrating creativity, where artists unite to showcase their talents and compete for recognition.

Explore music videos where visuals and sound blend seamlessly, breathing life into melodies through captivating storytelling and artistic visuals.



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The seed that created Baanyan Tree was born out of the simple desire to tell stories. Since 1998, Sumit and Seema, alumnae of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi, have been narrating stories of path breakers in various fields using the audio visual medium.

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